Functional Healthy and Beauty Products made in Japan

We Export from Japan

Japanese Products inspire the world market by high-quality and uniqueness

Japanese Food Materials

Japanese Materials are reason why it is so delicious because the manufacturers/farmers deeply understand how to growth and/or process making for delicious foods. We also can produce unique Halal foods.

Japanese Functional Foods/Drinks (Claims)

Japanese products are a famous as healthy foods and drinks. However, now a days modern stress society is caused by making some troubles of our health. To keep and/or improve our health, Japanese government certifies foods with functional claims.

Japanese Daily products

It is heard that you can be successful wherever you want to sale your products/services if your products are getting popular in Japan market which is very severe market. This mean that the Japanese products are very sophisticated and high-quality.

Japanese beauty products

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We provides a tokuho, that is, a government-approved food for specified health uses.

We are particular regarding of health and beauty about the details.
WG pursues to distribute "pure" Japanese functional healthy/beauty products.

To provide a product not only ameliorating sleeplessness as a modern disease but also ameliorating overweight and diabetic, heightening immune strength by supplying various kinds of nutrients, and assisting improvement of beauty and health. 現代病である不眠を改善するだけでなく肥満や糖尿病の改善、さらに各種栄養素を補給することで、免疫力を高め、美容と健康増進を補佐する製品を提供する。

  • Creating Innovative Products / Services

    creative and distribute to market potentials

  • Control Supply Chain in the World

    We handle of all your supply chain to generate your profit

  • Expanding your Sales Opportunity

    Even though your market turned into recession, finding your opportunity out in the world.

  • Creating New Portfolio in your Business

    We assist building up your new profit center by your core competance

World Gate Creative Team Staff

We are GLOCAL one
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Shimon Hamazumi

World Gate Representative
Shimon connect with world market and provide to find new market and adjustment of products and services. We are happy to assist you to find what you want and your value-chain in Global to be glocal.
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Kaoru Izumi

Japan Market Director
Kaoru has well communicating with makers and distributors / wholesalers in Japan. His connections are very valuable to supply and encounter what you want. Please ask me which of products you are looking in Japan market. I definitely love to find and export to you!
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Varuj Sukhsevi: Ben

Eastern Asia Marketing Director
Ben, MBA, actives in easter Asia and has wide variety of concoctions with many countries and also has distribution channels such as super markets, TV-shoppings, exhibition. Also, he connects with some food manufactures/ factories in Thailand.

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