Business concept

Scarcity Value Products/Material Producers 稀少価値の高い素材/商品を提供する貿易会社です。

Definition of Scarcity Value: 稀少価値の定義

1.  Limitation of Resources/Materials 制限のある資源、素材

2.  Technical Capabilities 技術力

3.  Supply Limitations (higher demand) 供給制限(高い需要に対する)

World Gate LLC, located in Tokyo as a trading company, provides above scarcity values through our world wide connections, and also sales your unique products and/or materials to out of your country. Sometimes happened such scarcity value situations, it is not only supply for limitation of materials and/or products, but some technical strengths are also controlled the quantity and makes higher demand. We can help to create such scarcity value in your market using by OEM/ODM for your brands through our high-quality manufacture partners.