We are creators and translators for the Scarcity values in the World.    稀少価値を創造、取引(輸入/輸出)する会社です。

As our mission of World Gate LLC, located in Tokyo, promises our clients to:


1. create for their scarcity value in the market マーケットに置いて稀少価値(他社と競合のない立場)を確立します。

2. obtain of scarcity values into the World 世界にある稀少価値を入手するお手伝いをします。

3. provide of scarcity values from the World 世界にある稀少価値を提供するお手伝いをします。

Definition of Scarcity Value: 稀少価値の定義

The definition of Scarcity Value has ben set below;

I.  Being Unique beyond comparison 唯一無二の存在価値/非競合

II.  Limitation of Resources/Materials/Products/Services 制限のある資源、素材、商品、サービス

III.  Technical Capabilities 技術力(含む匠な技)


World Gate LLC obtains above scarcity value products through our world wide connections, and also sales your unique products to out of your country. Sometimes happened such scarcity value situations, it is not only supply for limitation of materials and/or products, but some technical strengths are also controlled the quantity and makes higher demands. We can help to create such scarcity value of your company in its market through your strength and mission.



Scarcity Value of Classic (New) Cars 

One of our strength, we have connections with auction-houses and other sellers in the world. Therefore, we can find and obtain which of classic-car you want.

Also, our network in Japan supply Japanese used and new cars and deliver to your country.

Nowadays, the classic cars values are being jumped up as market values compared with other investment products.

For more details, please visit another website for classic cars.