Gate of World for Wide Range of Commodities

“Honest and Trust” for Commodity Trading

“Honest and Trust” are highest prioritization for our valuable partners at the Gate of World for wide range of commodities by sourcing, financing, and shipping.

World Gate LLC is a global sourcing company for commodities based in Tokyo, Japan, delivering international trade solutions from different areas of expertise, knowledge, and relationships in both established and emerging commodity markets.

Our core activities include the sourcing, shipping and financing of a wide range of commodities, from food materials and petrochemicals to animal feed and materials.

With an international network spanning five continents, from Europe and Africa, to Asia and the Americas, we have the knowledge, relationships and expertise in both established and emerging commodity markets.

As a Japanese pride, our true nature of business is “honest and trust” letting for both our buyers and suppliers at the gate of world connect for commodities in the globe.

With a full spectrum of commodities, logistical and financial services, we can design and deliver a cost-efficient solution to meet your needs, whatever the commodity and whatever the destination.

For the long-term and constantly stability supply, financial service is the most crucial key role in whole supply-chain for commodity activities. In order to provide a stable supply of raw materials, they are purchased many months in advance and paid to raw material manufacturers, refineries, etc. Therefore, suppliers must reserve raw materials for a large amount of cash if they want to make an annual contract at a stable price.


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