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Japanese Characteristics is very familiar with marketing as we always guess what you think in conversation. Also, as world trend, many countries tend to remove entry barrier, especially tariff, which mean that each transaction let them accelerate their import/export. We can provide made in Japan products/ materials and also help whole of your value chain.







代表:浜住 司門






  • University of Tamagawa (Tokyo) Major Education: 玉川大学文学部教育学科卒業
  • Nippon Telehpone and Telegraph: 日本電信電話入社(現:東日本電信電話)
  • Hawaii Pacific University (Master of Business Administration)

Born and raised in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo and graduated his undergrad as an educational major in his undergrad in Tokyo; entered a Telephone company and started to his career most of all in marketing and sales fields. After working in the company for about 10 year, he has moved to the United States with his family in order for him to join a graduate business school as MBA. During the school days, he started up his venture as AHA! CREATE LLC registered in the US for import/export and business consulting for manufactures. Also, in 2012, he has established the World Gate LLC in Tokyo.