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Arbitrage, which the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the price, used to work among countries. As overlooking the global market, an opportunity of arbitrage trading are getting smaller than ever. Since progress of globalization, it would be happened competitions easier even if you find a niche market and enter new products and/or services. For instance, other rivals would make homogeneous products and services even if you release new non-rivals product/service into a blue-ocean market. Furthermore, industry barriers are being removed and mobility of company domain is caused by changing customer life-style. It is afraid of getting short term of returning the profits from initial investment.

GLOCAL = Global + Local

It is very important that we need to consider background of each culture to release new products into there, which is called a GLOCAL. We customize existing products and services mixed with target culture and create new GLOCAL products and services should become an innovative one in there.

As a first step, we always make a team with our client and decide which of area we should enter into.

We concentrate our mission and walk in an honest way for our clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and I am very happy to create new markets for our clients.



Shimon Hamazumi


  • University of Tamagawa (Tokyo) Major Education: 玉川大学文学部教育学科卒業
  • Nippon Telehpone and Telegraph: 日本電信電話入社(現:東日本電信電話)
  • Hawaii Pacific University (Master of Business Administration)

Born and raised in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo and graduated his undergrad as an educational major in his undergrad in Tokyo; entered a Telephone company and started to his career most of all in marketing and sales fields. After working in the company for about 10 year, he has moved to the United States with his family in order for him to join a graduate business school as MBA. During the school days, he started up his venture as AHA! CREATE LLC registered in the US for import/export and business consulting for manufactures. As the mainly products, we deal wide variety of products such as electronic, apparel, cosmetics, and foods and beverage. On the other his business fields, he also creates global supply chains for his clients which owns their factories in the world.



現在のグローバル・マーケットを見渡すと、グローバル・サプライチェーンの発達により、内外価格差が生じる機会が少なくなってきています。更に 、グローバル化の進展により、いくら海外で競合のないニッチ商品を市場投入しても、海外製品・サービスとの競合も直に起こります。例えば、東南アジアに展開されている日本商品が、中国、韓国企業が模倣商品を直に市場投入され、同質化されるように。また、今まで別業界と想定されていた企業も競合他社となり、自社の事業領域が流動化しています。今までの モノの交換だけでは、差別化することが難しく、せっかくの海外への先行投資にも関わらず、利益回収期間が短くなってしまう恐れがあります。

GLOCAL=Local Customization




浜住 司門 (ハマズミ シモン)



NTTでは、販売、広報(宣伝)、マーケティング領域などを担当。独立前に、英語、グループ企業以外でも通用するビジネス領域を学ぶために、アメリカにMBA留学、英語に四苦八苦しながら世界各国から集う学生とともに勉学に励みながら、在学中に、AHA! CREATE LLC (アメリカ)を設立、主に、アメリカと日本との貿易を開始しながら、アメリカの販売権利、フランチャイズ権利を日本投資家、顧客のために、折衝、契約のセットアップをお手伝いする。その過程で、日本国内の立ち上げ、また、国内工場の経営をサポートしながら、海外販売、グローバルなサプライチェーン構築など、東南アジア、北米、ヨーロッパなどにネットワークを構築している。