Innovation Values through Japan Standards

There are essential of 6 key characteristics as for made in Japan Brand


 High Quality 


High Value Functions


Just In Time








1.High Quality

One of the main characteristic of made in Japan products is high is sad not only the finishing/processing products, but some materials also have such high-reputation such as textiles, chemical resources,aquaculture, fruits, and so on.

2. High Value Functions

  Japanese tend to pursue detail things, hence made in Japan products have some additional functions with the main function.

3.  Just In Time

The train driving schedule in Japan is managed in seconds. Although if it is late for a minute, you will hear an apology announcement at the station. Also, since Japan has few resources, we have always made efforts to not waste resources. Therefore, it is very good at saving waste and keeping time. Such habits will be a very encouraging for your business.

4. Reliability

Although not every time, in Japan, dropping a wallet often leads to police boxes. I do not recommend doing experiments, but it will come back with a good chance. Also, Japanese hate lies. As a famous proverb in Japan, there is a phrase “samurai has no two words.” It says not to overturn what he said before
In other words, because the words were reliable, there was no contract in Japan. On contemporary, business, contracts exist, but they have the habit of trying to keep promises.

5.  Enthusiasm

In Japan, New Year goes to the temple, Christmas goes to church, wedding ceremonies in the church, funeral at the temple. I often hear the word that foreigners can not understand this custom. Recently, it is called Halloween, wearing costumes, walking around the city, going to work has also increased.

Why can Japanese live by mixing religion like this? In Japan, God naturally dwells in Japan. I was believed. In Japan this is called God is “Yaorozu”.
This is a sign of natural worship, meaning 108, that is, there are many gods.

So, worshiping the Buddha statue in the New Year, going to church on Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ, do not wonder.

In other words, in Japan, I believe that God dwells in nature, materials, and thinks that making goods, dedicating to God, should take care.

6.  Unique

The Japanese have lived in one tribe without accepting immigrants for about 2000 years. Therefore, they are almost living with the same values. Furthermore, while serving the Emperor, Daimyo, I served my boss as a matter of course, so I have been living in an environment that does not insist on my principles.
Instead, the Japanese are capable of seeing what their bosses and other people think.

Therefore, always trying to solve problems, troubled, suffering, so we have marketing abilities in the first place. In other words, just by introducing Japanese products to the market, you will be differentiated in your market.