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Mission Statement

Global Supply Chain for Beauty & Health



World Gate contributes to establish a society that every human and animals in the world can obtain JOY and EASE continuously through health and beauty.



We keep supporting a structure that every human and animals in the world can obtain JOY and EASE continuously through health and beauty as a global supply chain partner.




We value the following beliefs to accomplish our mission.


  • Social Responsibility for generating JOY and EASE by health and beauty material & product: 健康と美容素材、商品を通じて、喜びと安心を作り出す社会的責務

In order to contribute to the optimization of the entire supply chain of customers who accept our vision and mission as the most important value, not only purchasing, manufacturing and distribution, but also management strategy, marketing, overseas expansion, etc. Contribute as a partner.


  • Partnershipism: パートナーシップ(equal-footing)主義


Suppliers and cooperating companies will work together as a supply chain partner that maximizes the security and joy of the end consumer, both with customers.

  • Continuously: 継続性

Temporary service and product provision cannot be said to realize a society where joy and security can be obtained. We will pursue continuity, including not only purchasing, but also the mechanism that end consumers will continue to accept in the market so that we can continue stably.