Business Fields

1. Export: from Japan

  • Materials and Healthy Foods
  • Daily Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Snacks and Drinks

2. Global Supply Chain: assist Supply Chain

  • License Business: agreement franchise/distribution in a territory
  • Inbound: import materials from other countries
  • Manufacturer: agreement with production agency
  • Building up Sales Force and/or distributor/wholesaler agreement
  • Distribution/Logistics 

3. Marketing for local adjustment

  • Researching new market and analysis
    • 6C Analysis: Company/Controller/Collaborator/Customer/Competitor/Channel
    • CVP: Customer Value Proposition etc
  • Adjustment of products and services to local demand and sales

4. Export from Japan: We already have wide variety of connections with makers and distributors in Japan for almost of all categories as made in Japan.

  • Daily products: Baby Diaper & Wipes/Baby Milk/Condom etc
  • Foods and Drinks: Pet bottles & Retort / Healthy Foods
  • Cosmetics: Shiseido/Sk-II and other high repetitional brands
  • Electronics: Camera/Watch/Consumer Electronics

5.  Revised Marketing

  • concept: you can make your products in our partner factories in Japan and release as your made in Japan products.

6. Import from other countries to Japan