Made in Japan OEM/ODM/PB make Your differentiation

Japan standard is well known as high-quality of products and benefit for whole of your value-chain included such as payment, logistic, warranty, schedule, and others. We strongly believe that you can get your unique position in your market with your original brands made in/by Japan.

Please refer for below what kind of products/materials you can get Japanese OEM/ODM/PB;

I Textile VI Health Care XI Kitchenware
II Drink VII PET Foods/Snack
III Food VIII Beauty
IV Snack VIIII Detergent
V Material X Stationary

I. Textile

1. Natural Fiber

a. Vegetable Fiber

Plant Fiber Seed Woolen Cotton, Kapok
Hull Fiber Fibrin Flax, Hemp Ramie, Hemp, Jute
Velar Fiber Manila Hemp, Sisal Hemp, NZ Hemp, Rose Cloth Hemp
Fruit Rip Palate
Other Tampa, Straw

b. Animal Fiber

Animal Hair Fiber Hair (wool), Wool, Mohea, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angola, Camel, Vicuna etc.
Cocoon Fiber Silk
Feather Fiber Down, Feather, Other Feathers

2. Chemical Fiber

a. Inorganic Fiber

Metal Fiber Metal Fiber
Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
Silicate Fiber Glass Fiber Glass
Slag Fiber
Rock Fiber

b. Purified Fiber

Cellulose Type Lyocell, Tencel

c. Regenerated Fiber

Cellulose Type Rayon, Viscose Rayon, Polynosic
Cupra, Cuprammonium Rayon
Protein Type Casein Fiber, Peanut Protein Fiber, Corn Protein Fiber, Soy Protein Fiber
Others, Regenerated Thread String
Other Algin Fiber, Chitin Fiber, Mannan Fiber, Rubber Fiber

d. Semi-synthetic Fiber

Cellulose Type Acetate
Oxidized Acetate
Protein Type Promix
Other Chlorinated Rubber, Hydrochloric Acid Rubber

e. Synthetic Fiber

Polyamide Type Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Aromatic Nylon, Aramid
Polyvinyl Alcohol Type Vinylon
Polyvinylidene Chloride Type Vinylidene
Polyvinyl Chloride Type PVC
Polyester Type Polyester
Polyacrylonitrile Type Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Acrylic
Modacrylic Fiber Acrylic
Polyolefin Type Polyethylene Fiber Polyethylene
Polypropylene Fiber Polypropylene
Polystyrene Fiber
Polyether Ester Type Lexse Success
Polyurethane Type Polyurethane

II. Drink

  1. Beauty Drinks
  2. Bottle Drinks
  3. Energy Drinks
  4. Matcha/Green Tea Powders
  5. Tea bags
  6. Japanese Wines
  7. Japan Original Fruits Material (Yuzu)

III.  Foods

  1. Beef
  2. Pork
  3. Seafood
  4. Halal Food (certified by Halal Japan Association)
  5. Rice

IV.  Snacks

  1. Rice Cracker
  2. Chocolate
  3. Japanese Traditional Cake
  4. Others

V.  Materials for Business

  1. Synthetic Leather
  2. Polyester
  3. Bulb
  4. Copper Coils
  5. Chemicals