Sanitisation and Deodorisation

for Comfortable Living / Commercial Spaces by Sodium Hypochlorite

– Premium Zia Red and Blue –


■ Premium Zia Series Introduction & Usages

I. Premium Zia (BLUE)

① Premium Zia Spray  →   Spray & Hand disinfection for everywhere

The spray has high effect for killed bacteriocidal and deodorant, and low corrosiveness and bleaching property. The expiration date is 2 years and its component is derived from food additives, so it is very safe to spray wherever you want.

  • Spray directly on the ceiling or wall of an air conditioner or bathroom
  • Hand disinfection with a special auto dispenser. No rough hands, remove norovirus

Hard to rust, it is difficult to discolor

Used for home electronics products and fabric products.

Air conditioners and humidifiers that sprinkle fungi and bacteria, bedding that is a hotbed of bacteria and ticks, and carpet premium zia can be used without choosing the other.

※ Aluminum metal which is easy to corrode the metal please wipe after spraying.

※ Please use high-grade fiber etc. after trial spraying at the inconspicuous place just in case


  • 100ml
  • 500ml
  • 5000ml
  • 20000ml
  • 500ml (replacement)

Properties: weakly alkaline

Ingredients: Sodium hypochlorite + (RO ion exchange) High purity water

Quality effective period: Up to 2 years (when stored in cool dark place)

Space atomizable

Premium Zia cuts a chlorine-based distinctive unpleasant irritating smell.

Even with space spray realized a comfortable space.


How to use it with this one Expansion Economical

Antivirus, eradication, mold prevention, measures against pollen, as well as disinfection / deodorization of washing tools are all solved with 1 premium zia! It is convenient and economical without having to buy every application.

Premium Zia (RED)

② New Utilization Proposal of Ultrasonic Humidifier

It is a product that can eradicate not only humidification, but also moisturizing while sprinkling space. It can be used for a commercially available ultrasonic humidifier and at a dilution of 100 times, so it is extremely cost effective.


[Infection prevention]

・ Influenza, Norovirus

・Mildew-proofing, disinfection

・Suppression of hay fever

・Space deodorant (pet etc.)

【Other effects】

The inside of the tank of the humidifier also can be sterilized at the same time, humidifier diseases can also be prevented.


③ Allomic Air ×Exclusive Eradication and Deodorant Liquid


[Infection prevention]

・ Influenza, Norovirus

・Mildew-proofing, disinfection

・Suppression of hay fever

・Space deodorant (pet etc.)

[Other effect]

It prevents “mold pneumonia” because it can stop the growth of mold which is occurring inside the air conditioner such as the air conditioner.

With a commercially available humidifier / aroma diffuser

Moisturizing humidity + air cleaning + space disinfection


Just put the space spraying liquid into a commercially available humidifier.

Spill disinfection with beautiful air while taking measures against drying.

* It can be used for commercially available ultrasonic or vaporizing humidifier, aroma diffuser. ※ Can not be used with aroma oil.

3 WAY (humidification, air cleaning, space disinfection)

Economical because there is no need to buy products suitable for the application such as drying measures, air cleaning, space sterilization etc.

It eliminates the need for sterile cleaning inside the troublesome tank!

Sterilization and cleaning inside the tank while humidifying

Cleaning of the bacteria inside the tank is troublesome. You will lose yourself by keeping it as it is and sprinkling bacteria into the room.

It is superior to COSPA because it is a dilution type

Convenient because it can be diluted according to the performance of the humidifier

Reference) When humidifier tank volume 200 ml

Continuous operation 100 times dilution (Cap 1/2 cup: about 2 ml) 100 times used

Intermittent operation 50 times dilution (1 cup of cap: about 4 ml) 50 times used

■ How to use

It is a dilution type. Please dilute with 50 to 100 times with tap water.

■ Approximate dilution ratio

Continuous operation: 100-fold dilution

Intermittent operation: 50 times to 100 times dilution

■ Usefulness of Premium Zia

Premium Zia is ultra high purity sodium hypochlorite (NaCLO). It was success stabilized hypochlorite ion (CLO -) in alkaline aqueous solution by its special manufacturing method.

As a result, the product had quite different effectiveness compared with the conventional hypochlorite system, such as achieving high bacteriocidal and deodorizing with long-stabilization.


Reason why the spraying can be allowed in everywhere?

General chlorine-based products

Premium Zia


■ Comparison with other companies’ disinfectant & deodorant items

Only one Item clear of all check points

The highest quality sodium hypochlorite using high pure water (RO ion exchange) is the only aqueous solution which cleared all items in high dimension


Matrix of comparison: Disinfecting Deodorant

  1.    Alcohol has no effect on norovirus. The maximum  bactericidal concentration of alcohol is 76.9 to 81.4%. Concentration products of 60% or less, 85% or more can also sterilize other viruses. There is little effect.
  2. Conventional chlorine products have high volatility and even when they are stored at room temperature, about 40% of effective chlorine concentration evaporates in 1 to 2 months. The real retention period is only about 3 to 4 months not.
  3. Premium Zea has extremely low volatility, and its quality is stable, so it can be stored for longer than 2 years.


Premium Zia is high-purity Water, so enable nonmetallic corrosiveness more than tap water.

Metal corrosion test with tap water, another company’s hypochlorous acid products

Factors of rust generation: 1

Depending on the electrical conductivity (the ease of electricity, the amount of ions present in water), the ease of rust is different and the higher the conductivity, the more likely it is to corrode.

Tap water: Electrical conductivity on the order of 100 to 1000 μS / cm

Ions are large and corrosion current flows easily, so rust tends to proceed.

Pure water: Electrical conductivity 1 μS / cm (close to insulator)

Corrosion hardly occurs in pure water containing less ions, and rust (corrosion) hardly progresses.


Factors of rust generation: 2

The amount of corrosion is different depending on the pH (acidic, alkaline) of water, and low (acid) water with ph is easier to corrode.

With high alkalinity, black and brown rust covers the surface, so corrosion rate itself drops.


■ Benefits of Premium Zia

Prevention of rust / discoloration / less bad smell

Space spraying became possible

Inactivate floating bacteria such as viruses, fungi and other bacteria floating in the space and cut from the original smell which is bothering space

Sterilization and deodorizing effect of space


Suppress mold generation in the air conditioner

Disinfection and antimicrobial effect to keep clean the inside of the air conditioner that spreads germs


For all fabric products

For disinfection and deodorization

Sterilization and deodorant effect of hard to wash bedding, carpet, clothing, sofa, curtain


■ Difference between space disinfection and air purification


■ Antimicrobial and deodorant liquid for prevention of alliumic air (Premium Gear Liquid)


Premium Gear Liquid Allomic Air Dedicated 100 ml and 400 ml



An Allomic Air 1 unit for about 66 ㎡ for Disinfection + deodorant + humidification

Just by putting in business aromatherapy diffuser “Alliumic Air”

We will sterilize and deodorize the space while taking measures against drying.

※ Can not be used in conjunction with aroma oil.



It is not necessary to dilute

Convenient because it can be diluted according to the performance of the humidifier.

【how to use】

① Place the exclusive premium zeal for Allomic · Air in the oil bin.

② Lid the bottle.

③ Set in the main body of Aromic · Air and turn on the power.

Suppress the growth of mold in the air conditioner installed in the space, protect from mold pneumonia

Antimicrobial that keeps the inside of the air conditioner clean, which is the source of spreading germs

There is an effect.

Properties: weakly alkaline

Ingredients: Sodium hypochlorite + (RO ion exchange) High purity water

【In using this】

■ Please add undiluted undiluted solution.

■ It changes somewhat depending on the frequency of use and the use environment (temperature, humidity etc.), but it can be used for about 1 week in 8 hours / day in medium mode.


Premium Gear Liquid Allomic Air only

100ml            400ml



Premium Zia BLUE Premium Zia Spray 100ml 4560456684026 1 12 $4.68
5 60 $4.31
10 120 $3.75
Premium Zia Spray 500ml 4560456684019 1 12 $9.08
5 60 $8.35
10 120 $7.26
Premium Zia Tank 5L 4560456684033 1 4 $52.12
3 12 $47.95
10 40 $41.69
Premium Zia Tank 20L 1 1 $175.68
5 5 $161.62
10 10 $140.54
Premium Zia RED Premium Zia Liquid for Space Spray 200ml 4560456684101 1 20 $10.54
3 60 $9.70
6 120 $8.43
Premium Zia Liquid for Space Spray 500ml 4560456684125 1 12 $22.25
5 60 $20.47
10 120 $17.80
Premium Zia Liquid 1L Bottle 4560456684118 1 6 $40.99
3 18 $37.71
6 36 $32.79
Premium Zia Liquid 5L Bottle 1 4 $175.68
5 20 $161.62
10 40 $140.54