Do you hear that Japan market is the most severe market in the world?

As Japanese general mind, we always think what you want me to do. Therefore, we don’t like to talk using by cellphone in a train / bus because my noisy voices would be made other passengers bother. Also, we do not need to communicate well because our race is from one origin. That is why, we usually guess and seek for what you think about something.

This Japanese culture makes some miss communications with other foreigners. However, in other words, Japanese already has basinal marketing skill which is what customers want.

As our proposal, you can start your test marketing in Japan with us and you can get feed back and brush up your product to sale other countries.


Let’s produce your products as “made in Japan” which mean that you can get a high-quality brand!!


Good News! Now you can utilize a currency leverage because of Yen currency getting weak compared with US dollar.


Almost of all manufactures in Japan have high reputation from around the world because Japanese is very diligent workers and professional even though part time workers.

Therefore, some multinational companies are outsourcing to Japanese factories such as cosmetics, machines, knives, snacks, and so on.


We have wide variety of connections with factories in Japan and can introduce your best partner and set the agreement as your outsourcing partner.


Furthermore, your supply chain is controlled whichever you would like to deliver in the world using our logistics strategy as well; hence your company can concentrate your strategy and marketing.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.