Ryukyu Turmeric (Ukon) Powers for hangover

Ryukyu Turmeric (Ukon) Powers

The Candy is “Speed absorption for hangover prevention”


Characteristic of Ryukyu Turmeric (UKON) Powers

Industry’s First!! Candy  (Tablet) Type Turmeric

Lick and Melt it in your mouth and Super Speed Absorption!!

Reason why the candy has the super speed absorption?

Curcumin as an active ingredient of turmeric is a fat component.

It said that Turmeric drink type and tablets or drinking powder types with water mainly would be excreted off body because they are not absorbed from digestive organs. The main ingredient, Curcumin, which is origin from fat component, does not dissolve in water.

However, alcohol can be dissolved in both water and oil, and also curcumin dissolves in alcohol.

The curcumin of candy in the mouth melt and soluble in alcohol, so It can work on the liver at the same absorption speed as alcohol.





Main Ingredients of the Ryukyu Turmeric Powers

Welcome your exhilarating morning by the candy



Miniaturization Curcumin Extract Contains 35.2 mg

Turmeric, familiar as a measure against drinking excessive alcohol. Rhamnet turmer realizes high absorption by using finely divided powder extracted from curcumine extract of turmeric health ingredient !!



Refreshing with a shijimi extract for the next morning !!

Alanine is a non-essential amino acid contained in shellfish, and has been

popular as a support for the refreshing feeling of the next morning drunk from

long ago.



Energy charge by the Ramune tablet !!

Ramune is said to be the best for energy supply in the morning after

drinking too much. Ramune’s main constituent glucose quickly replenishes

the lost energy in the body and supports a sense of refreshment.

No matter when you drink, strongly supported by triple POWERS !!


Ingredients of Ryukyu Turmeric Powers

Emperor turmeric: UKON

It is a kind of autumn turmeric that has been improved breed independently for many years, and it can be expected to have an effect of liver function strengthening, digestion promotion, blood circulation effect.


Alanine, which is a kind of amino acid that is often contained in shizimi and clams, has an effect of enhancing liver function. It plays an important role in energy supply and has physiological functions such as alcohol metabolism support.



Glucose, which is the energy source of the human brain, is considered optimal for hangover caused by overdose of alcohol.





The nutritional value of Sikfuwasa is very high, vitamin C of lemon contains 3.5 times, vitamin B1, citric acid, carotene and other ingredients. Also, the amount of flavonoids to suppress blood sugar levels and high blood pressure is citrus. class.


Ingredients Comparison with Drink Types

Ukon Comparison Matrix

Ryukyu Turmeric Powers

1tablet 3.2g

A company


B company


C company


Energy 11.8kcal 24kcal 54kcal 56kcal
Protein 0.2g 0g 2.5g 6g
Fat 0g 0g 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 2.7g 6.0g 11.0g 8g
Sodium 0mg 32mg 26mg 0mg
Vitamin C 7.4mg 100mg 100mg
Alanine 199mg 2500mg 5100mg
Crucumin 35.2mg 30mg 30mg 30mg
Retail Price 108円/tablet 200円/1bottle 191円/1bottle 188円/1bottle
  • Rich Curcumin Content:
  • Economic: 1 tablet < another bottle type


Expected Effect of Curcumin (ingredient)

The main effects known as curcumin’s works has two points. One is an anti-inflammatory effect that suppresses pain, swelling, inflammation accompanied by fever. The other is an antioxidant effect that reduces active oxygen that hurt cells. With these two effects, it improves the body from the inside!

  • For Next Day Refreshing Feeling
  • Stress Relief
  • Recovery from Fatigue
  • Skin Beauty Effect


Products 1 : Three Tablets Type (package)

Super speed absorption! New sensory tablet type turmeric (Ukon)


Contains:3 tablets

Expiration: 1..5 Years

JAN :4560456682015

Retail Price:US$3.10/Unit

Case Quantity:30 units(10 units/ Lot ×3 lots)

Case Size:225×310×155mm

-FOB PRICE: US$1.50/Unit

-Payment: Cash in Advance for 1st order

-MOQ: 5 cases

-Lead Time: approximately 2 weeks



Products 2 : 30 Tablets Type

Product: Ryukyu Turmeric Powers 30 tablets

Contains:30 tablets/Pack

Case Quantity: 16 packs

Expiration: 1..5 Years

JAN :4571304362010

FOB PRICE: US$8.50/Unit

Payment: Cash in Advance for 1st order

MOQ: 5 cases

Lead Time: approximately 2 weeks


Products 3 : 100 Tablets Type (Pack)

Product: Ryukyu Turmeric Powers 100 tablets

Contains:100 tablets/Pack

Case Quantity: 8 packs

Expiration: 1..5 Years

JAN :4560456682077

FOB PRICE: US$26.70/ pack

Payment: Cash in Advance for 1st order

MOQ: 5 cases

Lead Time: approximately 2 weeks