We provide


I.  Scarcity Value Resources/Materials: 稀少価値の高い資源/素材

1 Fabric materials: High-Quality Textiles for Clothes

2 Fabric materials: High-Quality Textiles for Industries
3 Food materials: Fish (Abalone, Scallops, Seaweed, Sea Cucumber) / Beef (Kobe and other high-brands) / Tea
4 Natural & Chemical resources: Red Coral / Chemicals etc


II. Scarcity Value: Technical Capabilities: 稀少価値の高い技術

1 Fabric Fibers
2 Kitchen Knives/Beauty Scissors
3 Beauty Equipments/Tweezers/Scissors
4 Functional Beauty Drinks/Cosmetics
5 OEM/ODM products (Japanese seasonings/sources)


III. Scarcity Value: Supply Limitations: 供給限定な商品

1 Limited Automobiles (New / Classic Cars) *Please visit another website (worldgate.co.jp)
2 Limited Daily Products
3 Limited Beauty Products

IV.   Scarcity Value Market Creation: 稀少価値マーケット創出

1 Products Developments by OEM/ODM
2 Adjustments for global markets to export
3 Business Consulting