Our client’s value-chain service model

We not only offer innovative products to our customers, but also provide services that take into account their entire value-chain that yields customers’ profits.
Therefore, we comprehensively provide as our services into whole of the value-chain included the manufacturing method of products (OEM, ODM etc), service certification (i.e., FDA, Organic Certification, ISO etc), customs duty (ETA/FTA), distribution form, payment method and so on.

I. Support (Management) Line

1 Agreement & Negotiation 契約&交渉
2 Investigation & Research 調査
3 Communication 情報共有
4 Settlement / Account 決済
5 Trading Administration 貿易実務
6 Preferential Tariffs 関税特恵 ETA/FTA etc

II. Main Line

1 Inbound Providing materials
2 Manufacturer OEM/ODM/PB Factories
3 Logistics Delivery from the factory  to your destination
4 Marketing Making differentiation using by high-quality in your market
5 Sales  Easily sales by unique and/or cost effective products for your customers